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Instead of doing something productive like my fucking homework, here I’m wasting my time remixing porn.

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"My… Eyes are closed. So… so please do whatever you want to me…"

"This is what you wished for, isn’t it? Then that’s fine. I won’t go easy on you… … … How’s that?"

"I, I wasn’t expecting anything like this happening to me!"

"That’s a nice voice coming out of you… I’m honored, to be this worn out by you."

"Oh, are you at your limit already?… It’s no fun when you’re worn out quickly, huh."

"… You’re pretty good. I’ll let you enjoy yourself some more."

"A-actually, wait a second!"

"Hehehe… What’s wrong? I won’t hold back, nor will I go easy on you."

There were times I just completely lost it and started laughing, how the fuck I managed to finish this.

Some other times I just had to stop to admire what a fucking genius I am.


*continues to ship otp even after one of them has died*


*points at fully grown video game character* my child


oh shit the gender police busted us, quickly, hide your pronouns in the bag and run!